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Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or Internet Marketing is the method of increasing website visibility in various search engines result pages (SERPs). The thoroughfare to a successful SEM comprises of paid inclusion, contextual advertising, paid placement of ad, Ad words etc. Ad words can be done via Pay Per Click campaign through which targeted consumers can reach the site by a single click.


Social Media Marketing or SMM is also another part of Search Engine Marketing. SMM demands for using popular social media and social networking sites to stimulate the potential customers and create a market for the particular product/services.


The main tools of Search Engine Marketing followed by One SEO Services are


Keywords research

Keywords analysis

Indexing site in search engines

Use the best and relevant keywords/key phrases

Maintain proper keyword/key phrase density


How does One SEO Services work?


One SEO Services promises to give you the best. And so, we work in a planned way to achieve the desired result in the minimal possible time. Here is the step-by-step procedure of Search Engine Marketing which will help you to understand how we work.


Market Research on target audience.

Search and build the set of primary keywords relevant to your business/services

Check the validation and other statistics of the chosen keywords

Check the current ranking of your site against those keywords

Create link building

Colonize your site by publishing or circulating videos, blog posts, pictures, messages in such sites

Track and analyze the keyword performance on a regular basis

Run AdWords campaign and track the records

Maintain PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising and CPC (Cost Per Click) pricing


Be confident with One SEO Services


We believe in perfection. And to be the perfectionist we focus on understanding your requirements at the very first. Your business objectives, your target market, your priorities and your limitations we value them all. So, providing you the most cost-effective service is our motto.